Stem Cutting Technique

Stem Cutting Technique

Typically, striking is a simple process in which a small amount of the parent plant is removed. This removed piece, called the cutting, is then... Read More

By: sara Thursday December 4, 2014 comments

Flower Care

Flower Care

What is the best way to take care of a flower arrangement? It depends on how they are packaged: If you receive flowers in a container with... Read More

By: john Wednesday May 1, 2013 comments Tags: flowers, care, tips, floral foam

First Blog Post

First Blog Post

Here is my first blog post about flowers. ... Read More

By: sara Friday February 1, 2013 comments Tags: flowers, first post, welcome





Demo Info
Demo Information

This demo site and console has all the ecommerce, website, productivity, and marketing tools available from AllProWebTools. The demo company is a florist we invented to show how our software works.

You can either log into the AllProWebTools console, or log into the website as a buyer or reseller.

Having trouble? Feel free to contact AllProWebTools about any questions or comments you have!

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Buyer and Reseller Logins:

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Buyer Email: [email protected]
Reseller Email: [email protected]
Password for Both: demo

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